Iceworld Olympic Ice Rinks About Us

Iceworld™ Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Where is Iceworld™?
Iceworld™ Olympic Ice Rinks are located in 2 convenient locations in Brisbane.
Iceworld™ Boondall is on the northside of Brisbane at 2304 Sandgate Rd and Iceworld™ Acacia Ridge is on the south side of Brisbane, 1179 Beaudesert Road.

2.    How old do children have to be to be able to skate?
Children 3 years or over may go on the ice.

3.    What do I need to bring?
The ice rink is cold..anywhere between 9 and 12 degrees. Bring a jumper, socks and gloves! Long pants are also recommended.

4.    How much does it cost?
Please refer to our price list.

5.    Do I get a discount for a group booking?
Yes. If your group is 20-29 people you'll receive $1 off per person. If your group is 30-49 people, you'll get $1.50 off per person and for groups of 50 or over you will be charged $12 per person.

6.    When can I skate?
There are public sessions 7 days a week  but session times do vary and are different at each rink. Please refer to our session times page which details all our session times. 

7.    Are there any tips to get started?
Skating can be tricky at first, but here are a few pointers to get you feeling confident on the ice!
•    Don't look down when skating
•    Don't lean backwards when skating
•    Keep your knees slightly bent and your weight forward
•    Try to learn how to stop!! To stop, bend your knees, turn the toes of each foot inwards, point your heels out, and push out on your heels. This will slow you down and bring you to a stop. Now that's a relief!

8.    Is Ice skating safe?
As with all sports, there are some risks associated with ice skating. At Iceworld™, we are very safety conscious. There are skilled floor guards on the ice at each public session who help ensure skaters skate in a safe, fun environment. For further details about safety at the rink, please read the following document.